Inadequate safety puts people at risk, compromises productivity if workers become injured and can devastate your credibility and bottom line through litigation and crippling fines.

Communication plays a vital role in ensuring everyday safety and how quickly emergency response plans can be activated - so it’s important to spot when communications are falling short. Are people unable to connect to the people they need when they need them? Is background noise compromising communications? Does a lack of visibility make it difficult to get help to the right place quickly?

Download this guide to see if your communications are compromising safety and discover what you can do to put it right.


Investing in a package of digital technology from Motorola Solutions protects your people, your facilities and your business. Combining two-way radios with safety-enhancing applications and hands-free accessories allows you to ensure:

  • Less risk to employees, guests and visitors
  • Rapid emergency responses with alarms and Disaster Recovery plans
  • Easier compliance with Health and Safety laws