Are employees using push-to-talk (PTT) to communicate instantly across their assigned devices?

Are staff able to communicate everyday instructions and emergency alerts quickly enough?

Are you taking advantage of data applications in your workforce communications? (e.g. work order ticketing, dispatch, location tracking)


Can employees with different communication devices communicate easily with each other?

Can workers communicate and exchange information without difficulty even when they are offsite, or in remote locations?

Do you find it easy to add and remove users to your communication network regardless of the device or network they are using?


Do your frontline workers have a way of recording any abuse that they may face from the public?

Are you able to gather an audit trail of lone worker actions to ensure accountability and tasks are achieved?

Can you record, encrypt and store video footage for future training and evidence purposes?


Are you able to continuously monitor and record activity across your facilities?

Are you able to control access to your facilities remotely, only allowing for approved personnel to enter?

Can security teams or control room staff quickly and easily sort through hours of video footage to pinpoint a specific person or situation?